Companies can now rely on highly accurate satellite imagery in their journey to curb deforestation.




Many companies have made ambitious forestry conservation commitments. However it is not easy to verify the achievement of  these commitments. The current solutions for verifying forestry   conservation do not fully meet market expectations. In particular, traditional auditing, led through  ground surveys, is limited in its coverage and frequency.  Companies require reliable and accurate information to verify their commitments and identify where to take action.



Starling utilises the best of what satellite technology can offer to provide an irrefutable means of reporting forestry changes and verifying sustainable sourcing independently.

Starling delivers easy-to-use intelligence through an intuitive digital platform. Its aim is to help you guide and accelerate decision-making on where and how to engage across supply chains.



The Starling team shares a vision for this unique forest monitoring service that combines cutting-edge technology and sharp market knowledge.

What is it?



Reference layer with an unbiased description of forest classes and the land cover evolution.



Access around the clock forest cover change.



Visualise key information and create reports to share with stakeholders.




Relevant insights and information for each industry.



Customised dashboard and deforestation alerts, meaningful analytics and evidence-based reporting tools.



Complete, precise and regular coverage of the supply chain.



Digital and interactive platform.


Starling offers unprecedented detail in forest cover change across commodity production landscapes.


Starling is a reliable and unbiased tool, with worldwide coverage.

Starling uses a combination of optical and radar satellites, such as Airbus’ SPOT constellation, which combines large coverage capabilities with 1.5m resolution. SPOT 6 and 7 are complemented by other satellites, including radar such as Sentinel 1, to get the regular surveillance that a No- Deforestation policy requires.

Starling differentiates between natural forests from tree crops, to allow distinguishing regular logging within plantations from actual deforestation.

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    In 2018, we collaborated with Nestlé to use the Starling platform to monitor our palm oil plantations and nearby forest areas to verify no deforestation. Since then, Starling’s quarterly forest change alerts have allowed us to engage directly with our suppliers when necessary. With the assistance of the Starling platform we’ve been moving closer our goal of zero deforestation across high value and high carbon forests in our supply chain can.

    Florent Robert, Group Sustainability and QSHE Manager of SIAT Group
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    In 2018 Lindt & Sprüngli used Starling to determine the location of forests and deforestation within a key sourcing area of our supply chain in Ghana. The results gained from the pilot are allowing us together with Earthworm Foundation to take targeted action and work directly with suppliers to tackle cocoa-driven deforestation.

    Piera Waibel, Head Raw Materials & Sustainability of Lindt & Sprüngli
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    Providing assurance to the users of our products like Nestlé and others that our pulp and paper are free from deforestation is important to us. That’s why, alongside Nestlé, we have undertaken a pilot of Starling in Arkhangelsk, Russia, to monitor 300,000 hectares of Intact Forest Landscape, which we and other stakeholders have set aside to become a forest reserve. Starling’s monitoring of the area has proven invaluable in demonstrating our commitments to the protection of this forest that is part of developing a robust long term land use plan.

    Timur Sokolov, Director of Pulp Mill Holding
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    Our vision is to produce all of our products in a responsible and sustainable way. Running a pilot of the Starling platform in our palm oil supply chain in Northwest Ecuador, in combination with our ground teams’ drone technology, provided the tools and information to make this a reality. Receiving quarterly reports of forest cover change continues to support our transformation work on the ground by guiding our action to the areas where it is most needed.

    Flavio Paredes, General Manager of Energy & Palma S.A., part of La Fabril group.
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    Starling has been essential in finding a long-term solution to protect Cavally Forest, an important forest area in Cote d’Ivoire. With its innovative technology and platform, Starling allowed us for the first time to see beneath the forest’s canopy and spot cocoa being grown in the shade within the protected area. This was ground-breaking.

    Colonel Mamadou Sangaré, Director of SODEFOR
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    Nestlé has always been committed to source the raw materials we need to manufacture our products responsibly. In 2010, we made a No Deforestation commitment stating that none of our products globally will be associated with deforestation by 2020.
    Starling satellite monitoring is a game changer to achieve transparency in our supply chain. Today, we cover 100% of Nestlé’s global palm oil supply chains and we will extend this collaboration to cover other commodities. Data and analytics provided by Starling enable us to manage risks and perform field intervention strategies together with our suppliers to drive changes better and faster.

    Pierre-Alexandre Teulié, Head of Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, e-Business and Environment Politic of Nestlé France
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    Ferrero is fully engaged to secure a deforestation-free and exploitation-free palm oil supply chain, and we are continuously dedicated to finding innovative solutions that are able to support our commitment. Starling offers a state-of-the-art technology which allows us to reliably monitor potential land use change across all our supply chain, enabling us to take action. We continue to commit to sourcing palm oil that is 100% RSPO Segregated (SG) certified and traceable to plantations and are confident that this verification tool will strengthen our efforts to secure a sustainable palm oil supply chain.



    Marco Gonçalves, Chief Procurement & Hazelnut Company Officer of Ferrero


Ferrero has committed to using the Starling satellite monitoring service

Ferrero has committed to using the Starling satellite monitoring and verification service across all of its palm oil sourcing areas. By providing data that shows where potential deforestation occurs, Starling will enable Ferrero to identify grievances in its supply chain and drive positive change on the ground.

Nestlé presented its progress in using Starling to help prevent deforestation

Magdi Batato, Executive Vice President, Nestlé SA, said: “Innovation and technology like Starling is accelerating our journey towards zero deforestation".

Today,  77% of Nestlé supply chain for agricultural commodities is verified deforestation free.

Leading multinationals adopt Starling to monitor their palm oil supply chain

Reckitt Benckiser and PZCussons have taken a futher step in the implementation of their No Deforestation policy by using Starling satellite technology to monitor 100% of their palm oil supply chain.