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Starling | Who are we? Airbus & Earthworm Foundation
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Who we

are ?

The Starling team shares a unique vision for this forest monitoring service. We combine cutting-edge monitoring technology with in-house expertise and market knowledge.

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Airbus is a pioneer and a leader in the aerospace sector.

Airbus is a satellite operator and developer, a provider of geospatial intelligence and a specialist in remote sensing. They are experts in assigning their imaging satellites, pre-processing images and distributing the service worldwide. Airbus is the "eye in the sky" providing qualified data on a large scale.

Earthworm Foundation is a global non-profit organisation.

Their experts work between the boardroom and the field, helping to bring transformation in commodity supply chains, from the biggest brands to smallest producers. Earthworm brings deep supply-chain knowledge and expertise in helping companies find solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Why Starling ?

Heal the Planet

The protection of our resources and, more specifically, forest management is an issue that occupies a major place in our society.

Thanks to the momentum this topic has gained in the past few years, there are over 500 corporate level forest conservation commitments today. However, it is not easy to verify the achievement of these commitments and access data that would help prioritise action.

Bring a solution

That is why Starling was created - to provide the most reliable and accurate forest information by complementing on-the-ground knowledge with space technology. Starling was designed in collaboration with early movers to provide end users with a scalable and actionable solution covering 100% of their supply chain.

Starling technology provides companies with actionable insights on where and how to engage within their supply chains.


Starling’s mission is to support sustainable development by helping companies, governments and organisations to monitor land use and land use change that guides and accelerates conservation actions.
Starling provides easy-to-use intelligence on forestry changes, allowing to identify issues, prioritise action, verify commitments, and above all, to drive responsible forest management.

How does it work